Physical exercise is one of the most important jobs you can incorporate into your life when it comes to health and being well; nevertheless, Pilates, like all other workouts, is no longer solely for health reasons. Exercising is a fantastic method to stay healthy, lose weight, keep diseases at bay, boost your mental condition, and gain more vitality. Almost everyone assumes that people exercise for ONE of the reasons listed above.

Still, many others will tell you that it is an overall condition of all characteristics above. Pilates has been around for decades, but it appears to be making a big comeback in the fitness world and with good facts! Click here for, and also, I’ve listed a couple of them below, along with some vital information that you should know about them:

AeroPilates Pro XP 557 Reformer XP557

It is for the person who takes their home Pilate’s reformer workout seriously and wants to take the regular Pilates training routine to the next level by incorporating cardio. The Pro XP557 is eight inches longer than standard reformers, allowing it to accommodate people of various heights during all Pilate’s exercises. You may fine-tune your workout fluctuations even more with four springs, each with a different resistance level.

PPR (Pilates-Premier-Reformer)

The small Pilates Premier XP allows you to get more balance, coordination and enhance your posture. You’ll gently stretch and strengthen your arms, legs, back, neck, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and torso as you follow along with Pilates expert Marjolein Brugman’s routine (video included). Your chest will expand to allow for deeper external respiration, leaving you feeling energized and focused at the end of your workout.

The adjustable headrest and large high-density foam shoulder pads provide further reinforcement and comfort, while four industrial elastic cables provide five degrees of training resistance. The rollers and gliders are silent and ultra-smooth, and the variable straps and hand grips accommodate any user. The Premier XP may be readily stored by simply removing the foot bar when not in use.

Reformer XP556 Pro XP 556 –

The Pilates workout regimen was created some 80 years ago by Joseph Hubertus Pilates to improve flexibility, posture, and strength. The inclusion of aerobic training like the one mentioned above takes the traditional Pilates workout regimen to the next level for a fun, healthy and comfortable Pilate’s workout. The goal is to develop center stability, strength, and flexibility. The Pro makes challenging Pilate’s exercises easier to perform correctly, effectively, and securely while also providing the best challenge and use for experienced Pilate’s trainers and beginners. Find more here


Although all three of the machines mentioned above have many qualities in common, you should keep in mind when purchasing one of them that they each have unique options available to you, the user.  Have a blast!