Medical marijuana has shown to be very effective in controlling seizures.  A lot of children with Dravet syndrome-like Charlotte, end up with uncontrolled seizures after age 5, and they die in their late teens, early 20s.

Cannabis sativa is used to control seizures in epilepsy

Recently, one girl was put on a cannabis oil called Charlotte’s Web which contains mostly cannabidiol (CBD), the same chemical found in hemp seed oil without the psychoactive ingredients found in marijuana. But there are other chemicals present that may help better than just cannabidiol alone. And also it appears that different strains seem to have varying effects for different people.

Each patient responds differently to medical marijuana, so there is no “one size fits all” treatment.  In some people, one of the chemicals in medical marijuana, THC appears to actually trigger seizures. In Charlotte’s case, it did not help at all.

While this girl was on a strain with high sour diesel CBDand low THC content along with valium and other anti-seizure medications, she had a seizure while coming out of a 7-day coma. Her parents wanted to try something else before going back to the same drugs that did not work for her before.

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

So they tried a new strain called Sour Diesel which has more THC but still only trace amounts of cannabinol (CBN). This worked immediately to stop her seizures after just 3 nights of use! Now the girl is back in school full-time and doing very well.

The different types of marijuana have varying amounts of chemicals including CBD, THC, and others called cannabinoids. CBC, cannabichromene had an effect on pain but did not help with seizures or mental health disorders.  One chemical, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) was especially effective against epilepsy causing seizures. THCV is mostly found in strains of tropical marijuana from central Africa.

Some people who get the munchies from taking medical marijuana may also be able to lose weight by cutting out carbohydrates which can cause a metabolic switch leading to a new pathway for how the body burns fuel leading to reduced insulin resistance and better blood sugar control. But this is only for those who get the munchies which has few Pound of sour diesel price.

For years we were told that marijuana lowers your testosterone and sperm counts, and now we know it is not true, and in fact, it may raise them!  A study of men with an average age of 28.4 looked at sperm count after smoking marijuana over a 3-month period.  They found no difference in sperm numbers or quality between those who smoked regularly or those that smoked occasionally. However, they did find that smokers had higher testosterone levels than non-smokers. And another study showed increased levels of luteinizing hormone which stimulates testosterone production, LH was seen within 20 minutes after smoking marijuana but disappeared within 90 minutes.