Medical Marijuana has been legalized in Australia since 2016. Since then, a lot of progress has been made, and Magu believes in tailoring personalized treatment for you. Medicinal cannabis is used to ease the pain and symptoms or treat a certain disease. And hence under Australian law, there are around 100 products that are legal and available to be prescribed. Magu is the most trusted plant-based alternative to traditional medicine in Australia, and it’s very easy to set up appointments by simply clicking on

There’s still so much stigma around the medicinal use of Cannabis, but it has endless benefits. People suffering from chronic depression, anxiety, PTSD, cancer, and other painful chronic diseases state medical cannabis has helped them cope with the pain. Magu also aims to destigmatize this notion and bring Medicinal Cannabis to the ones who need it.


3 Step Process

Magu follows a very simple yet efficient 3 step process that helps them understand your needs better.

Firstly, you will need to take an eligibility test online and see if you stand eligible for the medication. For you to be eligible for consumption of medicinal cannabis, you should have had a chronic condition for three or more months that cannot be treated using traditional medicine. The eligibility tests are important to filter out the people trying to exploit these services.

If you are eligible, then you will be consulting a Doctor online to discuss the need for the medicines and to get a proper prescribed dose that will help you improve your condition. Lastly, your medicines will be delivered to you very fast without a long wait.

You can book your consultation by visiting their website once you have cleared their eligibility test.

Consultations types

  1. Initial Consultation- these cost you $180, and no referral is required to get the same. You will get an online consultation with a Doctor registered with Australia. The doctors will get in touch with you in your preferred time slot and understand your conditions in depth. This allows them to give you a personalized prescription.
  2. Follow up consultation – again, you will be scheduling a follow up call with your doctor, and they will oversee the impact of the prescription. If required to your condition, they will order you another prescription and continue your treatment. The follow up consultation costs you $90.

Please note that after studying your case, if your doctor sees no need for you to get Medical Cannabis, you will not be eligible to go ahead with the process. There will be no consultation fees applicable to you if you are not eligible for the plant-based medication.