Are you looking for various options to consider while buying a hearing aid for yourself? Read on to learn more about what you should look for while buying cheap hearing aids singapore, and learn about a few of the affordable hearing aid brands.

What to look for when buying an affordable set of hearing aids? 

  • Trial

Always prefer to look for a brand that permits a no-nonsense return along with a free trial. Before you go with it, make sure that you read the reviews of the brand.

  • Warranty

Any legitimate brand must offer a warranty to its customers. If a brand does not provide any such warranty, it might end up being a pop-up internet business or a reseller looking out for ways to make a buck.

  • Not very cheap, but cheaply affordable

A good set of hearing aid options generally range between $350- $2000. Although many cheaper hearing aids are available in the market in the present times, anything less than around a hundred bucks is not likely to get your job done effectively.

Cheap Hearing Aid

  • Features

More affordable hearing aids generally would tend to possess fewer features. You should know beforehand which features are the most vital for you. Certain significant features which might come under your observations can be size, batteries, charge, Bluetooth connectivity, customization, etc. The most important feature to consider is whether or not you can hear the people perfectly.

Affordable brands of hearing aids 

  • Eargo

Eargo is the disruptor of the hearing aid space. The brand is known to be based in Mountain View, CA, and has successfully built an innovative and sleek product that is entirely delivered on an online platform, not via visits to a doctor.

The product is considered invisible and comes with a rechargeable case, and uses a palm tree-shaped tip so that the ear can get a naturally perfect airflow.

Price: The top model costs $2600 per pair, while the bottom model costs $1800. The top model comes with a 45-day trial and a 2-year warranty period.

  • Listen Livelily

It is known to deliver one of the most impressive products available in the market. Lively hearing aids come with a high-quality app manufactured by GN Resound. They possess all the latest technology that one would expect from the products standing on the top of the line. A hearing aid from resounding generally costs around $5k-$7k per pair; Lively sells the same product at around $2000.

The brand has successfully built an online audiology practice that effectively cuts out the overhead and commission of the local audiology practices and brings out cheap hearing aids singapore.

Price: A pair of hearing costs $2000 along with a 100-day return policy.


Hearing loss can be treated and managed. The earlier the symptoms of hearing loss are addressed, the more likely can a person successfully avoid the irreversible damage.