Sea moss is a type of marine algae that is often used by those looking for a source for the health-promoting properties it provides. Sea weed is often taken as a dietary supplement to promote thyroid function, and other health benefits are discovered with time. Since there are so many different types of sea moss, it can be challenging to find which one will give you the most benefits — especially since some sea moss might have toxic effects on animals or humans. Many sea moss supplements are made with the highest-quality sea moss, but this doesn’t make it perfect — just more potent. Sea moss is made in three different ways: freeze-drying, dewatering, and fermentation.


This article will discuss what you need to consider when choosing an organic sea moss supplement, including some reviews and tips for finding the best product. When looking for the best product, you’ll want to consider the following:

Sea Moss Supplements


How Sea Moss Is Made


Sea moss is often extracted from the ocean and then dried. 


Freeze-Drying Process – The most common method of making sea moss supplements is freeze-drying. Because this method involves freezing water derived from sea moss as a block of ice, chemicals found in the algae are preserved indefinitely without losing potency. Although this method of extracting sea moss is convenient and most commonly used, it is also the least effective method, as freeze-drying destroys some healthful enzymes that your body could otherwise use.


Dewatering – Dewatering involves using heat and pressure to draw the fluid out of dried sea moss. This process leaves a residue called “sea moss flour,” ground into a fine powder used in products like tea. Dewatering has been shown to preserve up to 97 percent of sea moss’s original nutrients and enzymes, making it more effective than freeze-drying.


Fermentation – The fermentation process is the most effective way to preserve the healthful effects of sea moss. Because fermented sea moss retains more of its original nutrients, it’s more potent than freeze-dried sea moss.


But which method is better? It depends on what you’re looking for — but one thing’s for sure: purists use only organic wild-caught sea moss because it’s the best source for the health benefits of this algae. 


In conclusion, you should always look for sea moss that has been extracted naturally and organically. The more natural the ingredients, the better their health effects will be. Check with a nutritionist or doctor before trying any new supplements to ensure they are right for you.