Yes, you read that right. You need supplements even if you are living a healthier vegan lifestyle.

This is because not everything about nutrients comes from plants and sure enough, you might be lacking on that part. There are key elements that you need that you are not getting enough from your vegan diet. Here, you will know how much you need supplements and see where you will head for your healthy lifestyle after this.

You need B12.

Meat contains B12 but in vegetables? Not so much. And there’s a huge factor why you need B12 – it is one of the nutrients you need in your body, especially for your blood and nerve cells. The vitamins B12 keep your blood and nerves pumping and help make DNA in your system. It also prevents megaloblastic anemia which means with B12, keeps you energized.

There are not enough plants that you can get B12 from. If you wash some of your vegetables enough that you’ve actually washed the source of B12 – the soil bacteria that produce B12.

You need Vitamin D.

Vitamin D as we all know the “sunshine vitamin” to help our bodies reacting to the sun when exposed. But because you are not exposed enough, you don’t have that 100% ability to soak up your Vitamin D from the sun and thus, you may lack said nutrient. This increases your risk in chronic diseases such as heart disease.

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You need DHA and EPA (The Other Omega-3’s).

Omega-3s are one of the most important nutrients you need in your body as they provide suport for a healthier body. Omega-3 helps structure your cell well, source of energy, and helps your heart, blood vessels and immune system keep working. However, the Omega-3s are found in fishes since they consume micro-algae that produces high-quality EPA and DHA. the EPA and DHA consumed from marine plants are absorbed by the fish and stored in their fats which humans eat.

You need Iodine.

The body needs iodine to create thyroid hormones to regulate metabolic activity and other important functions. This activity is very important to pregnant women and children because thyroid hormones are needed for skeletal and brain development at an early age. Most vegans buy natural salts such as “himalayan” salts which doesn’t have iodine.

And this is why it is important that as a vegan, you have Vegan Supplements to help you get these nutrients that you are missing out on. When you have a greener lifestyle, not all that you eat can give you the vitamins that you need every day. With supplements, you are provided with vitamins from A to Zinc (or by your choice). Have a complete healthier you by getting those supplements you need.