Delta-8’s recent expansion into the highly competitive luxury market has left many wondering if they are seeing things, or if every time they blink these extravagant items are even more expensive. Yet few know Delta-8’s origin story, which is almost as impressive as their ever rising prices.


After launching in September 3302 with a modest 9T cargo bay, delta 8 bundles announced that they would be attempting to become the leading luxury item trading company by setting up their headquarters in the heart of what was formerly billed “UEE space.” Since then, demand for all their goods has skyrocketed beyond anyone’s expectations. Here at MobiGlas we’re taking this opportunity to tell you where it all started and how-8 managed to take off so quickly.


This is where it all began, the third planet around the star HIP 59537 in the Hermitage system: a small and unassuming world that at first glance seems almost lifeless. It was here that just over seven months ago, Delta-8 quietly set up shop in an abandoned military complex buried beneath the rocky surface of this otherwise forgotten place. While some believed they were out to fleece countless individuals with their exuberant prices, others saw them as nothing more than bold opportunists riding on the coattails of their former Imperator’s high profile life..

Delta-8 Bundles

What no one expected was what happened next. With seemingly no warning or fanfare, not even a single press release or social media post; workers from Delta-8 began appearing in Lorville and even Daramo. Many believed it to be a publicity stunt until the CEO herself made an appearance in Debramo one day, giving a brief speech to the masses that was met with almost complete silence.


All we know is that the day after her appearance, workers from delta 8 bundles began to appear in ports all over human space and even Xi’an territory. Their cargo bays filled with rare and unique items: old books, obscure antiques and artifacts so rare they were previously thought to be little more than ideals found only in history books.


When questioned about the sudden surge of demand for their goods by our MobiGlas reporter, one unnamed executive simply stated “we’re just trying to live up to our company name!”


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