Physiotherapy is providing services to people for development. Maintaining and restoring maximised movement and functional ability throughout their lifespan.

To achieve the therapeutic outcome. Physiotherapy adopts the beneficial effects of human psychology response to heat, light, cold, magnetism, manual techniques, etc.

In summary, physiotherapy will enhance the patient’s physical and functional activity. It recovers and improves their muscle strength and prevents diseases. It will result in improving the quality of life.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are special people trained to access and treat physical disabilities through remedial exercises and therapy. Therapy can be manual, mechanical, physical or thermal.

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Treatment methods such as exercise therapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, functional therapy, acupuncture and other technology treatment methods are used by physiotherapists.

Treatments are on the movement and functional ability affected by personal factors such as injury and disease/disorders. Practice Settings are in public, non-governmental hospitals, Hospitals, and Residential facilities for special needs, acute and rehabilitative care.

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Scope of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an essential part of health and community/welfare systems. Physical therapists practise independently of health care/service providers and collaborate within interdisciplinary programmes that aim to prevent movement disorders to maintain/restore optimal functions and quality of life. Physical therapy is a variety of settings and allows one to achieve the aim.

Services are in multiple settings, some of them are community-based rehab programmes, education and research hubs, fitness clubs, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, senior citizen centres, sports clubs, and workplaces.

Benefits of physiotherapy

  • Pain reduction and management

Pain is a sensation caused when certain chemicals are released in our bodies, where injuries and diseases have occurred. As all the pain is not equal, pains are categorised based on acute, nerves, referred, mechanical or primary. As time passes, the pain decreases as the tissues have healed. As time passes with the regular exercises conducted, pain reduces.

  • Strong muscle and joints

Proper and consistent practices help improve muscle health and joint functions and strengthen a patient’s bone density and cardiovascular health.

  • Better movement and balance

Physiotherapy involves stretching exercises which restore the ability to maintain balance and stability and prevent falls. It increases confidence and allows for confidence.

  • Recover from surgery

A level of discomfort is suffered by the patient when they undergo surgery, maintaining a positive and focused mindset can help patients with something to work on.

  • Drug-free

Rather than depending solely on medicines to manage a condition, physiotherapists combine exercise therapy, manual therapy along Medicaid to ease pain and recover faster.

Physiotherapy known as PT which is Physical Training, is a treatment provided by Physiotherapist hong kong to ease pains and to get back their lifestyles.