Root Canal Treatment Singapore: A Solution For Your Cavity

If you are fond of chocolates or intake a lot of sugar, then cavity must have been a common problem to you while it can happen because of other reasons too. And if your tooth is badly infected, then your dentist must have used this term called ‘root canal,’ which honestly, sounds scary. But it’s not that scary if done by an experienced dentist. Root Canal is a kind of treatment that repairs the damaged tooth without removing it. Long gone are the days when Root Canal Treatments were painful, the dentist now uses anesthetics. If you live in Singapore, then you must visit root canal treatment singapore. 

What Exactly Happens That You Need Root Canal?

Your root becomes inflamed which causes a lot of pain when you eat or drink something. It may also get inflamed due to infection. Root Canal Treatment Singapore saves your tooth rather than removing it.

Processes Involved

  1. Consultation: In this very first step, the doctor finds out the exact problem that you are having with your tooth and the main causes behind it. They may take an X-ray or can use other tools to help you out. Specialists can also check your dental history.
  2. Treatment: Here comes the most important part, where your actual treatment is done. Dentists give you anaesthetics and use other tools and techniques to help you out with your infected or inflamed root. It contains nerves that pain. They deal with that only.
  3. Restoring Your Tooth: When treatment is done, dentists will restore the damaged tooth by placing a cap over it or with some other means. The restored tooth will look like a new fresh tooth as if it was never infected before.
  4. Follow Up: Here comes the last step of follow up. Though it does not require in some cases if your tooth is well established and restored. But because sometimes, pain may be still there, so dentists often do the after checkup too.


Toothaches are problems that are bad to deal with, especially when the pain is severe. But fortunately, ways are there to resolve it. Root Canal is one of the rare, but at the same time, common ways to restore your damaged tooth. It does nothing but soothe the infected or inflamed nerve that is present in your root. It helps in tooth restoration as well as helps in getting rid of the pain.